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Here at Sports Memorabilia Australia (SMA), we regularly host online auctions of sporting memorabilia featuring rather unique and rare sought after pieces. Such items attract a great deal of interest from serious collectors and enthusiasts alike. Auction lots generally comprise of antique collectables, player's game used or match worn items, and sold out limited editions. The majority of auction lots are on agency from the general public and discerning collectors, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have something you believe may be of interest.

You will need to provide as much information and provenance as possible about the item, if it is a limited edition - edition size, manufacturer, signatories, proof of authenticity, and your perceived value.

Depending on their estimated value, we may place items in an auction, or simply for sale. SMA Auctions Online (SMAAO) listing incurs a commission of 22% on sale (inc GST) on the auction.

If sold other than through SMA Auctions Online, the rate is 27.5% (inc GST).

This is an all inclusive fee, with no extra charge for insurance, promotion, photographs and listing. We will occasionally run smaller, interim auctions - check the website from time to time to see what is currently available. We provide a money back guarantee that every item is as stated. SMA auctions are hosted at various stages throughout the year, in some instances monthly.



Click the REGISTER button (from the LOG IN button or on an item page.

Complete the details as requested; Username, Password, Full name and Email Address (COMPULSORY)

Credit Card Details (OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED) (Full 128 SSL Encryption and details not stored online)

Mailing Address (COMPULSORY)

Contact Numbers At least one (COMPULSORY)


Upon completion of this form, you will be sent an activation code to your designated email. This allows you to confirm your registration - it also means that you must ensure your email address is entered correctly. Enter this in the space provided and continue. SMA requires that you provide accurate personal details to protect you and other bidders (and SMA) from the risk of fraudulent or scurrilous bidding. The optional collecting interests will help us ensure we are offering items that interest our clients.

Rest assured the SMA Privacy Policy Conditions apply to this information. The public will only ever see you referred to by your username and suburb. Your email and all other details are held securely (full 128-bit SSL encryption) by SMA and credit card details are not retained online but securely stored. Your card will only be used after confirmation with you about any successful bid you have made. Please bear in mind that you are bound by any bid you make in this system - you are given the opportunity to confirm your bid when making it as a precaution against error so please check carefully.


Once registered and or logged on, you merely go to the foot of the item page you are interested in - It will show the starting bid, current bid and number of bids placed. All prices quoted are Australian Dollars. You will be advised the minimum bid amount, and offered a box marked (Maximum Bid Amount) In this you can either key in the minimum required, or if you are prepared to set a limit put this in. You will only be charged the minimum required - and this will only increase if other bidders bid above the starting price.

You will be immediately asked online to confirm the bid - please double check as it is binding.

There will be a 20% Bidder's premium on winning bids plus applicable tax for Australian residents (22% inc GST).

For example, a hammer price of $100 will result in a Buyers Premium of 20% ($20) thus $120 for overseas buyers. If you are an Australian resident and the item is not being exported then GST is applied to the Buyer's Premium; Thus Buyer's premium is 22% of the hammer Price and the total paid would be $100 +$20 +$2 = $122.


If your bid is acceptable you will get a response on line and be emailed a confirmation. If you are outbid, you will receive an email advising of the new bid details and be given a link to try again if desired.

The closing time applies if there has not been a bid in the last ten minutes. After a ten minute lull the leading bidder will be advised of their success by email. We will follow up with an email confirming the relevant fee, mailing details and any handling / taxes required.


So will SMA Auctions Online serve you better? Yes!

Here is how...You will be dealing directly with the combined reputations, expertise and industry standing of Michael Fahey, and Sports Memorabilia Australia, who have been running online auctions for well over a decade. We will be able to offer items at better reserves by avoiding the charges involved with using intermediaries. Other auction sites can often be cluttered with countless items of low value and questionable authenticity. How many pages of fifty-cent sports cards have you had to wade through to find what you’re after? SMA will only list items we believe will be of interest and value to our clients. As always, your feedback in this regard is welcome. With SMA’s impressive range available, you’ll be offered many exciting, never-before-seen items ongoing.


In most cases, the Starting Price IS the reserve, so any bid means the item will be sold. This will be clearly marked. If there is a reserve which is not met, the highest bidder has the opportunity to negotiate with SMA.

The major change for you in bidding will be the introduction of a ‘Five-Minute Safety Zone’, whereby any bids received in the 5 minutes prior to the scheduled close will extend the auction until no further bid has been received for 5 minutes.

(We still highly recommend you use the ‘maximum’ proxy bid if you cannot be by your computer at scheduled close and have a set limit in mind). Instead of the entire auction closing at the one time, each item in SMA auctions will close with staggered gaps. This innovation will ease the pressure on bidders who are interested in similar pieces ending in close proximity.

Whilst you can readily view the items, to bid on them you must be registered with SMA AUCTIONS ONLINE and logged in (full details on request).

FOR SALE While most pieces are offered for auction there is a selection of memorabilia which is for sale now! There is no additional Buyer's Premium to pay, just shipping costs if appropriate. As a rule items unsold at auction will be listed soon after in the 'Fixed Price Items' section. Other pieces will be added from time to time.

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