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Welcome!  Information to assist you with the auction participation and bidding:- 

HOW TO BID Once registered and or logged on, you merely go to the foot of the item page you are interested in - It will show the starting bid, current bid and number of bids placed. All prices quoted are Australian Dollars. You will be advised the minimum bid amount, and offered a box marked ‘Maximum Bid Amount’ In this you can either key in the minimum required, or if you are prepared to set a limit put this in. You will only be charged the minimum required - and this will only increase if other bidders bid above the starting price.

You will be immediately asked online to confirm the bid - please double check as it is binding. There will be a 20% Buyer's premium on winning bids plus applicable tax for Australian residents. Thus 22% inc GST.  For example, a hammer price of $100 will result in a Buyer's premium of $20. If you are an Australian resident and the item is not being exported then GST applied to the Buyer's premium. Thus it would be 22% and the total paid would be $100 + $20 + 42 = $122. There may well be additional postage if required). If your bid is acceptable you will get a response on line and be emailed a confirmation. If you are outbid, you will receive an email advising of the new bid details and be given a link to try again if desired. The closing time applies if there hasn’t been a bid in the last ten minutes. After a ten minute lull the leading bidder will be advised of their success by email.
We will follow up with an email confirming the relevant fee, mailing details and any handling / taxes required.  

In most cases, the Starting Price IS the reserve, so any bid means the item will be sold. This will be clearly marked. If there is a reserve which is not met, the highest bidder has the opportunity to negotiate with Legends The major change for you in bidding will be the introduction of a ‘Five-Minute Safety Zone’, whereby any bids received in the 5 minutes prior to the scheduled close will extend the auction until no further bid has been received for 5 minutes. (We still highly recommend you use the ‘maximum’ proxy bid if you cannot be by your computer at scheduled close and have a set limit in mind). Instead of the entire auction closing at the one time, each item in SMA auctions will close with staggered gaps. This innovation will ease the pressure on bidders who are interested in similar pieces ending in close proximity. 
Whilst you can readily view the items, to bid on them you must be registered with SMA AUCTIONS ONLINE and logged in (full details on request).    
You can search for items on the Home Page or browse items by category. To place a bid you must register for an account.  Searching - There are two ways to search for items, Basic Search and Advanced Search. 

Basic Search - Accessible from both the Home Page and Browse.   
Enter Keywords,
  Item #, or Username   
  Select appropriate search parameter   
  Title & Description   
  Item #   
  Click "Search" button   

Advanced Search - Accessible by clicking the "Advanced Search" button on the Home Page 

The following options are available for the Advanced Search:   
  Load Saved Search - Use a previously saved search.   
  Category - Select a specific item category or "All Categories."   
  Search - Enter Keywords or Item #. To search Title & Descriptions check the appropriate box. The following options are available for keyword search:   
  All of these words   
  Any of these words   
  Exactly these words     
  Item Options - Used to search custom item fields. Example: ISBN # for textbooks.   
  Refine Your Search - Narrow the search. Reduce the number of search results by setting specific searchable properties.   
  Price Range   
  Start Date   
  End Date   
  Words to Exclude  
  Listing Options   
  Buy Now! only   
  No Reserve only   
  With Pictures only       
  Display Format - How to organize the items your search returns.   
  Items Ending First - Items with the least amount of time left first.   
  Items Ending Last - Items with the longest ammount of time left first.   
  Newest Items First - Items with the most recent start date.   
  Oldest Items First - items with the oldest start date.   
  Lowest Price First    Highest Price First   
  Most Bids First   
  Least Bids First   
  Reverse Alphabetically     

Press "GO" to activate Advanced Search.     

General | Registration | My Account | Bidding | Valuations  

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